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Lake Wabaunsee has no Home Owners Association, but there are several regulatory agents you'll want to know about.  This brief history and explanation will hopefully simplify our systems for you.


Lake Wabaunsee Improvement District

After WWII, the nature of Lake Wabaunsee began to change.  Affordable and available cars and better highways made travel a fun weekend family event.  Lake homes were built by people living in Topeka, Wichita, Manhattan and other near by points.


And the new home owners demanded more amenities.  Amont the first was better roads around the lake so they could get to their property.  When the City of Eskridge refused to improve the roads, the property owners at the lake formed the Lake Wabuansee Improvement District in 1978.  The LWID is authorized under Kansas State Statutes 19-2753 -- 19-2756 and 19-2765ff.  Registered voters select three property owners to serve two year terms on the Board of Directors.  The Board meets at 8:30 am on the first Saturday of each month at the fire station.  The public is welcome to attend these Board meetings.  Minutes are published in the Wabaunsee Co. Signal-Enterprise.


Originally, the LWID maintained the roads.  They still do that, but additional duties have been added.  Also, under authority of the LWID is :  operation of the water system, operation of the sewer system, snow removal from public streets, trash collection, and appearance of property.


Each home has a box on the house with a red light on top.  When this light is flashing the sewer is not funchtioning properly and needs attention.  You do not need to diagnose the problem, simply call LWID (449-7271) and leave a message that the red light is on, with your name and address.  The problem will be corrected without charge.  Issues concerning the road, water, sewer, trash should be taken up with the Board during one of their public meetings. 

City of Eskridge

The City of Eskridge owns "the bowl the water sits in" at Lake Wabaunsee.  Consequently, anything on the water goes through the City.  Building permits for boat docks are applied for at Eskridge City Hall.  Caution:  do not start building before applying for and getting a building permit.  After applicaion, each building permit must be voted on by the Eskridge City Council.  For information call 449-2621.

Prior to putting your boat or persoal water craft on the water, you must obtain a city license.  This is available at the Bait House (785-449-2507) located at the public boat launch on the north shore of the lake.  You must show your boat registration, Kansas boat registration and know the horse power of your motor.

The City also owns the natural gas system around the lake and bills monthly for natural gas used by the property.

Wabaunsee County

Permits for building on your property must be obtained from the Wabaunsee County Building Inspector.  Do not start new construction, remodeling or fencing until proper permits have been awarded.  The building inspector's office is in the basement of the Court House in Alma.  785-765-3432.  The county taxes your property and personal property, sending a bill semi-annually.  The county appraiser's number is 785-765-3508.  Law enforcement is provided by the Sheriff's Department at 785-765-3323.  In an Emergency dial 911.


Fire District  #5


Property at Lake Wabaunsee and the surrounding area is protected by the volunteers at Wabaunsee County Fire District #5.  The fire station is located just off K-4, K-99 at the north side of the lake.  To report a fire dial 911.


paraphrased from an LWID brochure


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