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Anton Kraus and his wife built this log cabin that used to be located north of the dam at Lake Wabaunsee.  Anton and his wife were born in Hungary, he in 1801.  Three of their five children were born in Hungary before the family emigrated to the United States in 1850.  They lived in New York City, Chicago, and Westport, Missouri before homesteading land that is now part of Lake Wabaunsee. 

The second son, Moritz, born in Hungary in 1841, served in the 11th Kansas Calvary during the Civil war.  Upon his return home he took over the responsibility for the family and the farm.  He married Wilhelmina Welk and their five children were born in this cabin. When their son Paul took over management of the farm, he and his wife Linnie Sequist set up house keeping in the log cabin where their eldest don, Lester was born.

The first thing Anton did after building the cabin was to build an outdoor oven so his wife could bake breads and pastries as she had done in Hungary. The great grandchildren of Anton learned to speak the German language.

At one time this cabin was covered with shiplap and had a cedar shingle roof.  A porch was built on the front and a lean-to room on the back.  Time has ravaged the building. The siding has dropped off and there is a tin roof over the cabin.  The building is surprisingly solid.

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